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Waist Trainers are all the rage these days in the fitness world, and the Ultra Slimmer Waist Trainer is just the thing that you've been looking for!

The Ultra Slimmer tightens the waist and straightens the back, allowing for muscle tension and blood flow that promotes ab muscle building and waist slimming by burning belly fat. 


  • Enhances the figure during workouts and regular activities, as it tightens the waist and back, promoting muscle building and waist slimming
  • Increases blood flow and keeps muscles warm
  • Supports the core during workouts to prevent injuries and increase strength
  • Adjustable for perfect fit
  • Can conveniently wear under clothing for everyday activities


Sizing Details:

  • Small: Waist Size - 60-70cm, 22-28in
  • Medium: Waist Size - 70-80cm, 28-32in
  • Large: Waist Size - 80-90cm, 32-36in
  • XL: Waist Size - 90-100cm, 36-40in
  • XXL: Waist Size - 100-110cm, 40-44in

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