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When your car interior starts deteriorating, it can make your car look old and beaten down. This happens when interior plastics and fabrics are exposed to sunlight and air pollution over time. That's why the Universal Car Renewing Solution is important for keeping your car interior looking new all the time!

It can be used on various surfaces inside your car, including plastic, leather, vinyl, metal and rubber to prevent discoloring and fading. The Universal Renewing Solution first cleans stains, grime, dirt and dust from all the dirty areas of your car interior, including dashboard, doors, seats, ceiling and floor. It then renews these parts and fabrics that are cracked, dried out and discolored to make them look like new. Finally, it provides a clear protective layer on the interior to minimize UV light and other forms of damage to preserve the value appearance and value of your car over time.


  • Protects, Cleans and Renews Car Interior: Cleans, renews and protects with nano-coating all your car interior materials. Prevents aging, cracking, discoloration, fading, rusting and oxidation.
  • Powerful and Effective: Cleaning and renewing solution penetrates and rejuvenates interior materials to provide optimal shiny and gloss finish
  • Save Time and Money: Just clean and preserve your car interior to prevent having to repair future damage
  • Car Exterior Protective Coating: Can also be used on exterior car paint to prevent scratches, chipping, corrosion, and UV light

    Package Includes:
    • 1 x Universal Car Renewing Solution Spay (50ml)

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