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Have you ever lost or broken your remote control, whether for your car, garage, home gate, or TV? Then you know how annoying and expensive it can be to replace these important items. Sometimes you can't even get into your car or your garage door without them - what a problem! 

This is why you need the Universal Remote Control Duplicator to make sure you always have a backup for all your remotes!

The Remote Control Duplicator has high transfer sensitivity, resulting in no signal blocking. It is also a self-learning remote control, making it easy to program and use. Additionally, it is very convenient and easy to carry around, as it fits in the palm of your hands without needing any wires. 


1) Clear the code history from the duplicator by pressing the lock and flash button at the same time until the LED flash slows down, then release the buttons and press any button, which should not light up to show that the memory has been cleared.

2) Duplicate the code from the original remote control by placing both devices next to each other so they are touching, and then press the button on the original remote control that needs to be copied and a button on the duplicate and hold the buttons down until the LED begins to flash. Next, release both buttons and press the button on the Duplicator, which should light up, indicating that the remote control has been programmed. Follow the same steps to program the remaining buttons.

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