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Did you know that your toothbrush isn't really that clean and sanitary? Over time, bacteria, viruses and germs will accumulate, leaving you with a nasty brush that you really don't want to put in your mouth!

The UV Cleaning Toothbrush Sanitizer is just the thing you need to keep your toothbrush clean enough to put in your mouth!

The Toothbrush Sanitizer is convenient and also holds up to 4 toothbrushes, 1 shaver, and an automatic toothpaste dispenser for the entire family. Not only that, it can also automatically dispense toothpaste while sanitizing toothbrushes for the entire family!


  • UV light technology provides deep ultra violet disinfection of your toothbrush, eliminating up to 99% of bacteria
  • Protects your immune system and health by ridding your toothbrush of unsanitary bacteria, germs, molds and viruses
  • Organizes and disinfects up to 4 toothbrushes
  • Super convenient as it also automatically dispenses toothpaste
  • Saves space with wall mount design - Easy installation



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