Zip-Up Leg Compression Socks (1 Pair)

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Get those slim and healthy looking legs by simply wearing the Zip-Up Leg Compression Socks!

These compression socks fit around your calves and are designed to help improve your blood circulation, promote elasticity, prevent vein diseases and restrict cellulite.

They provide just the right amount of pressure that is effective and comfortable at the same time. These compression socks are especially great for preventing and treating varicose veins and other vein problems, especially if you have to sit for long periods of time during the day. You can wear them everyday underneath clothes or at night while you sleep.


  • Health Benefits: Therapeutic compression promotes blood circulation and helps relieve tired, aching, fatigued legs. Ideal for treating varicose and spider veins, diabetic support and general swelling or inflammation of the legs and feet.
  • Slimming Benefits: By improving blood circulation, socks can help compress and restrict fat and cellulite, resulting in overall slimmer and healthier looking legs.
  • Comfortable for All Day Wear: Socks remain snug in place throughout the day. Gradual compression provides just enough pressure that is super comfortable to wear but still ensures effective results. Open toe and zip-up design makes them easy to put on and take off. 
  • High Quality and Breathable: Special and medical grade fabrics provide high-quality compression socks that are soft and breathable. These durable socks are for both men and women.



  • Material:  Spandex
  • Color: Beige, Black
  • Sizing guide: S/M: 33 x 8 CM; L/XL: 36 x 9 CM; XXL: 39 x 10 CM

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